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About Us

Sen Organic Flowers and Art Shop is a new flower shop and florist located in Richmond, VA. We are part of the Sen Organic company with sister shops including: Sen Organic Farmers Market, Perception Spa, and Sen Small Plate. Our floral vision brings local Virginian flower farms together to offer everyday arrangements, bouquets, and floral decor with sustainability in mind. We do not use floral foam. We design eco-friendly arrangements meant to celebrate the elegance and nature of flowers and plants. 

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Flowers are a lovely part of live!

Flowers have the power to calm, to heal and they allow us to express our deepest emotions without saying a word. They can boost your mood, reduce stress and improve well-being. By crafting thoughtful, personal bouquets, or choosing a flower for its traditional meaning, natural energy or holistic properties, you can bring the benefits of the natural world into your home or workplace, and into the lives of loved ones. Picking the ideal bloom for the moment can become an act of self-care and arranging a colorful bouquet can be form of therapy.


A Different Kind of Florist

Sen Organic Flowers offers Cash and Carry floral retail. Customers can view our rotating seasonal blooms, textures and greens to create their own bouquets, arrangements, and more. We have a variety of vases, pots, and vessels to customize your creations. 


Need a gift idea?
We have handmade crafts, pottery, plants, ribbons, and more to put together the perfect gift for any one on your list.  

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